Inspiration and encouragement

Rebecca works as a counselor, speaker, and writer to help you build a healthier life, stronger relationships, and deep fulfillment in all you do. Read some of Rebecca's Recent Blogs for inspiration today!

  • Watching a Wild Turkey Soar
    Important encounters are planned by the souls long before their bodies see each other – Paulo Coelho I cannot remember the first time I met my friend, Ted.   But I knew of him long before I shook his hand. He was a…
  • How I found Hope for Step-families in Christmas, Part 2
    Read part one, How I found Hope for step-families in Christmas, of this series here. Joseph, Mary and Jesus were a step-family who experienced their own struggles, just like step-families of today.  Their story offers us hope and optimism when step-families may…
  • How I found hope for step-families in Christmas
    Joseph, Mary and Jesus were a step-family. Surely, step-parenting for Joseph had to be easier than it is now. I mean, they didn’t really have to co-parent with other people…unless you count the Almighty God. They didn’t have to split time with…

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Rebecca Townsend is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and also recognized as a Nationally Certified Counselor. Learn more about her credentials in Rebecca's Bio. Rebecca works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing services that span from therapy for depression and grief counseling to parenting support, couples counseling and beyond.


Rebecca offers specialized Military Culture Training options, the Military Culture Training for Businessess, Municipal Government, Educators, Healthcare Organizations, and Communities. Workshop is designed to better equip your governmental and public works organizations to serve - and employ - veteran and active duty military personnel.


Rebecca creates a safe environment to explore difficult topics, address unresolved conflict, and work together to heal and develop your marriage, team, family, and business. Rebecca designs an experience that speaks to your needs in an effective and refreshing way.