Therapeutic Book Clubs 

 *Therapeutic Book Clubs are a resource for well-being.
They are not therapy or a substitution for therapy.

Do you feel like everyday is a struggle with your kids?

Are you frustrated with parenting?

Do your kids get emotionally overwhelmed or have outbursts?

Are you worried about their behavior?

Do you find yourself arguing with your kids?

Do you wish you were more connected to your kids?

In this therapeutic book club we will :

  • Learn about the newest science and discoveries in how our children’s brains mature and work.

  • Learn practical and age-appropriate approaches to turn outbursts, tantrums, fighting, and arguing into opportunities to nurture healthy and vital brain growth!

  • Learn twelve key strategies that will lead to calmer, happier children.
  • Learn how to strengthen your parental connection and relationship!

  • Discover it's possible to foster healthy brain development with everyday parenting!  

Rebecca and Lisa will guide participants through this six-week study offering teachings on the science behind connection while providing opportunity for practical implementation with discussion in a supportive and encouraging environment.  A practical walkthrough of research-based strategies to support your child’s emotional regulation, resiliency, and brain integration. 

Beginning Wednesday, September 14th and
occurring every other week for six weeks.

Time: 6:30-7:45pm CST

Cost: $240 for six weeks (book not included)

Zoom Format



Do you find it hard getting close to people?

Do you find boundaries confusing?

Do you struggle with feelings of "not good enough", anxiety or overwhelm?

Do you have a tendency to numb or disconnect?

Do you find yourself getting upset and emotional over little things?

In this therapeutic book club we will :


  • Learn about 5 Core Practices for healthy living

    Discuss a foundation for a healthy adult Self

    Learn about family-of-origin history

    Learn about reparenting your historically hurt places

    Discover what speaking your truth means, and learn to have your own back

    Discover resources to help you heal from childhood trauma 

This communal journey alongside both Rebecca and Lisa will offer deep-dive learning with a trauma-informed perspective of care. 
Participants will cultivate awareness of the impact of childhood trauma using psychoeducation and process-oriented activities.
Learn how your personal story impacts relational health in the present, onboarding core practices to begin to integrate healthy and meaningful ways of relating to yourself and others.


Beginning Wednesday, September 21st and
occurring every other week for six weeks.

Time: 6:30-7:45pm CST

Zoom Format

Cost: $240 for six weeks (book not included)