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This course is not intended to provide therapy or be a replacement for any therapeutic involvement of a participant in the online course.

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This Is Us-Is This You? Coaching Group: Couples Registration

This course is for couples who . . .

  • Feel lonely even though your partner is sitting right next to you

  • Sit at the same dinner table, but the only interaction is with your phone

  • Talk about the weather or the latest headline instead of sharing how they felt hurt when their friend was 20 minutes late for lunch today

  • You may feel dangerously closer with your co-workers (even on Zoom) than you do on the couch next to your partner

This 9-week program will help you...

  • Reconnect with your partner and feel close - like you did when you were dating

  • Have a conversation with your partner about your desires, challenges, and plans for the future TOGETHER

  • Restore a sense of connection with other couples so you don’t feel alone and isolated anymore

  • Feel free to open up and share, so you feel lighter, free-er, and experience a closer connection to your partner

How we'll get there . . .

  • Explore the life stories you've not discovered or shared so you feel more connected with each other, and you can live more freely

  • Uncover your broken relationships with work, alcohol, food, and technology - ultimately offering you more peace

  • Making amends to walk away from feelings of shame and guilt, to walk toward a relationship that feels clean, clear, safe, and loving

  • Learning the other person’s “Love Language” so you feel loved and give love in ways that truly nurture each other and your relationship

  • Practicing the 5 Whys - so your deep pain gets healed, and we don’t infect others with that unhealed pain

  • Weekly State of the Union Meeting so you’re on the same page, and little fires don’t burn the house down

What You’ll Get...

  • 9 Weekly 'Getting Closer' Group Zoom call - 2 hours
  • Weekly Couch-work
    • Watch two episodes of Season 1 before each group session
    • Read workbook (together)
    • Discuss and complete Before the Couch Grows Cold
    • Plan or execute the Date Night exercise
    • Discuss 'Do It' Getting Closer activities