Relationship Booster: Customer Service in Your Marriage

We often treat strangers better than our own partner.

That makes our partner feel unimportant, playing second fiddle to other people. It creates a disconnection in the relationship that can grow over time.

The disconnection is felt on both sides.

You love this person, but life gets busy and we start to take advantage of the ones we love and care about the most.

We need an awareness of how we treat our partner.

Be consistent and persistent in our attention and gestures.

I’ve created a mini-course about how to reframe your relationship so you can start to treat your partner as if they’re #1 customer.

We’ll start by creating a mission statement for your relationship and establish a standard of customer service for each other.

Little gestures go a long way to make them feel heard and you’ll both feel better!

This is something I cover in my Couples Intensives and it is Christian-based. You can get it now for $27.