Light is in both the broken bottle and the diamond ~ Mark Nepo

There are lessons learned, remembered, and hopefully even embraced, during the highs and the lows of life.  Many times the depth of the lesson doesn’t manifest until many years later following considerable reflection and humbleness.

We want our lives to sparkle, shine and illuminate like the beauty of a diamond.  Yet, reality is much simpler.  We are all broken pieces of glass, typically transparent with no distortion, unlike the many facets of a gorgeous diamond.  

We make mistakes, choices and decisions that may not appear complicated.  But, when those decisions involve our fellow journeyers with the concealed life experiences they carry, all bets are off.

We hurt people and people hurt us.  The interactions we share with others aren’t always energizing and uplifting.  

When our communications leave us drained and confused, it is likely we have been a witness to the person’s own pain and confusion – the burdens they are scarred with.  Scars they may have carried for so long, they are no longer recognized as once being a source of pain.    

We carry emotional wounds deep within ourselves because we likely learned early on they were the ugliest of wounds.  So, they go unattended for many years.

Then someone may enter our lives and we can’t pinpoint why or how, but it feels unsafe to be around them…uncomfortable and uneasy.  

This same phenomenon can happen in an opposite way.  You are attracted to someone – love being around them because they remind you of someone you admire and love.  They have qualities that put a spring in your step.

We all live amongst our own little diamonds and shattered pieces.  There is light and there is dark – in each of us.  We are complex beings.  So very intricate we often don’t know ourselves.  We don’t recognize our own scars, our own triggers or what we may need to heal and eventually sparkle as we were designed to do.

The sparkle is there.  Amongst the rubble of the pain, the sparkle is still there.