All parts of the journey are sacred and holy.  Take time to honor the beginning ~ Melody Beattie

In January, we often take time to reflect on the previous year.  In taking a step back, I am now able to see the meaning in some of the madness, pain, disappointment, and poor choices.  I can also recognize the great opportunities, amazing experiences and beautiful people that have been part of my journey. 

I can’t look back at 2017 without contemplating previous years.  Who I am and who I am becoming is a chain reaction of my prior experiences.  The growth manifests if, and only if, I allow myself the time to reflect, contemplate, and explore the blood, sweat and tears with the same honor I recall the laughter, happiness and rejoicing.

To consider the emotional aches and discomfort of my past almost seems like self-inflicted torture of a CIA interrogation.  However, if I cannot make peace with these defeating times, whether they were of my own doing or the result of someone else’s emotional defense, how can I continue to be fruitful on this journey?

I cannot resist what is – what my past has been – the parts of me that are so very frail and incompetent…I must only breathe.  Breathe in these pieces of brokenness with respect and honor.  Breathe in with a belief that there is meaning in these moments of suffering.

Can I allow pain to be significant and soul-quenching?  Can I understand and accept the value, the richness and possible magnificence created through defeated devotion and ruptured relationships?

I bear witness to similar aches, hardships and shame that afflict my fellow journeyers.  In them, I see the Divine pushing the breath of healing and their strain to allow it to fill their cracks.  I fight that same breath of Divinity desiring to saturate my being.

Why do we fight this Gift?  The most sacred and holy Gift ever bestowed to us, we reject it when we need it the most.  Do we not recognize the Extraordinary because we have neglected it for so long?  

Have I avoided and dismissed the Divine in me because I have not honored every phase of this journey?

There is Holiness in every moment.  There is Goodness in each step.  Each juncture is Sacred.  The footing of such Divinity may not seem solid at this moment, but it is the foundation of who we are to become.  

2018 is a new opportunity to breath through the struggles and allow the Divine within ourselves room to grow.  Exhale the pain and inhale the Gift of Healing.