Can TV be a catalyst for therapeutic healing?

“Did you watch This Is Us last night?”

“No, I don’t watch much TV – maybe some Food Network, HGTV and Military Channel. Sorry.”

“I wish you would’ve watched it – it was totally me and John. You really should watch it.”

After the third client conversation in one week following the same dialogue, I told my husband we had client-assigned homework. We had to watch the entire first season before season two started. I never suggest we watch TV, so you can imagine his shock and intrigue.

As we watched the premiere episode…

…I had no doubt why my clients were connecting with the show. Each character was revealed with just enough struggle to make them real and relatable.

A couple experiencing the loss of a child at birth.A daughter struggling with her weight.An adopted son searching for his biological father.A man wrestling to find himself.The brokenness in each of them called to a piece of me that has also been fractured at some point on this journey of the human experience. It is the suffering and the ragged edges of authenticity that draw us close to one another – not the projected perfection of many TV shows.

By the second episode…

…I started thinking more deeply about the characters and their interactions. I was beginning to reflect on different aspects of my own life, my relationships with my parents, my siblings, my husband, my step-sons based on the trials and the joys of life shared in the show. As we continued to watch episode after episode, I found my husband and I sharing tidbits about our childhood experiences that almost 9 years of marriage hadn’t yet revealed. We started to use the show as a catalyst for more intimate conversations.

Popular TV can often feel like it reflects our own lives. In different scenes and different episodes, we have experiences in life that parallel the characters in the shows we love.

As I sensed a connection with each of these characters, it reminded me that we are all linked through our wounds and when we share them, healing occurs. So, I ask, “Is This You”?

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